The Jacks Release "Just A Little Bit" In Studio Video

This past Saturday The Jacks released a new live video of the first Grat track off of their second EP, Remember You. "Just A Little Bit" is a long time fan favorite, so their fans were 'wasted, anticipating, and waiting' on The Jacks to release this video! The intimate, black and white tape perfectly captures the intensity and veracity of The Jacks' live performances; if you've been missing seeing them live, this might hold you over until touring comes back around!

We can't wait to see what else the guys put out, and we're sure that they'll be putting out more videos/performing on livestreams in the future! To never miss The Jacks going live, follow them here, if you don't already! Click here to see The Jacks - Just A Little Bit (Live In Studio)!!


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