KXFM #LIVEFROMHOME Featuring The Jacks

Back in April, Jonny Stanback of The Jacks, went live with KXFM (Long Beach, CA) to participate in their #LIVEFROMHOME concert series. We've finally found the footage to bring to all of you 'WildCards' out there, who could always use a little extra of The Jacks during this everlasting quarantine! This short performance includes a solo, acoustic version of their new single 'Threw It All Away' and their romantic, valentine track 'Olivia'; Just enough to keep you coming back for more! Check out the KXFM performance here!

The Jacks are partnering with different stations around the country to live stream at home performances, so follow their Instagram or Facebook to keep up to date on when and where they will be live in cyberspace! 


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KXFM #LIVEFROMHOME Featuring The Jacks